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Wakefield Handmade Adley Pot #10


Indulge your plant passion with the Wakefield Handmade Adley Pot #10. This handcrafted planter, designed by Peter Wakefield, beautifully complements your treasured greenery.

A Celebration of Traditional Craftsmanship:

  • Handcrafted using techniques that echo centuries-old traditions, the Adley Pot #10 embodies the artistry of Wakefield Handmade.
  • Each pot is a testament to Peter Wakefield’s dedication to quality and timeless design.

Designed to Enhance Your Greenery:

  • The Adley Pot #10 features a wide open, curvy shape that allows your plants to take center stage.
  • This design provides ample space for root growth and fosters a healthy environment for your flora to thrive.

Ideal for Discerning Gardeners:

  • Made in Honduras and sold exclusively through Napa, Wakefield Handmade pottery is a favorite selection of discerning gardeners worldwide.
  • By choosing the Adley Pot #10, you’re not just bringing home a planter, you’re investing in a piece of handcrafted artistry.

Available in size #10, the Wakefield Handmade Adley Pot is the perfect way to showcase your favorite indoor plants. Order yours today!

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