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About Honey Mercantile

Do good recklessly.
Bring all things sweet to the Honey Mercantile community.

If a French boutique, a general store, a luxury apothecary, and a beautiful vintage store had a baby. . . Honey Mercantile would be her name.

Honey Mercantile is a local shop that combines everything sweet about a general store and beautiful boutique. More than a shop, Honey is an experience—an escape from the everyday and the ordinary. Alison Lange created Honey to appeal to all senses making the shop feel like a warm hug. Neighbors can catch up over a cup of socially and environmentally-conscious coffee while they browse coffee table books, vintage treasures, handmade goods and of course—local honey.

At Honey, the best of old and new will always surprise and delight. It’s the place you want to go for yourself and the people you care about.

Why Honey? Because every day bees prove that miracles and magic exist.

“According to natural selection, bees should not exist. Although workers construct the comb, tend to the queen, and feed the larvae, they’re sterile themselves, and don’t pass those productive genes to the next generation. Plus, stinging is suicide, and passing on a suicide gene makes no biological sense. And yet, the species has been around for a hundred million years.”

Excerpt from Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan

About Alison Lange

Honey Mercantile is the breakout creation and lifelong dream of Alison Lange. For 20 years, Alison has dreamt about and researched what an unhurried shopping destination that charms the senses would be like. A place that would always surprise and delight. With Honey Mercantile, she has been able to curate a destination that resonates with people looking for an authentic shopping experience where every item has a story. Alison is a life-long believer that everything we do has a bigger impact. That’s why Honey Mercantile focuses on recirculating vintage treasures and highlighting quality makers and artists. As a career woman and mother, Alison also understands all too well how self-care can fall to the wayside during life’s busiest seasons. This inspired her to stock Honey Mercantile’s shelves with comfort items like original art pieces that you’ll want to jump into and candles that evoke the rhythms of a fireplace. Alison is dedicated to treasure hunting and hosting, ensuring that Honey Mercantile is always home to the sweetest finds and the kindest people.