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Petty Vendettas Journal, Medium


Feeling slighted? Need a space to vent your mild grievances? Embrace the petty with the Petty Vendettas Journal: your personal space to chronicle life’s minor injustices.

This medium-sized (5″ x 7″) journal features:

  • 120 dot grid pages for crafting witty comebacks, plotting (harmless) revenge schemes, or simply documenting the everyday annoyances that deserve a little passive-aggressive scribbling.
  • A sleek, gold foil-stamped cover that subtly declares your commitment to the “petty life.”
  • A versatile dot grid layout that allows you to unleash your inner scribe in any way you see fit: write, sketch, doodle, or create elaborate flowcharts of your master plan (don’t worry, we won’t judge).

Whether you need to vent about a persistent paperclip thief, a chronic line-cutter, or a friend who always forgets your birthday, this journal is your safe space.

It’s also the perfect gift for any friend or family member who appreciates a good, harmless dig.

So, unleash your inner petty genius and channel your frustrations into hilarious (and hopefully harmless) documentation. Remember, sometimes, the best revenge is a well-crafted note.

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