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Dried French Lavender Bouquet


Immerse yourself in the beauty and fragrance of Provence with our Dried French Lavender Bouquet. Sourced directly from France, these bundles of lavender boast a captivating aroma that will instantly elevate your home atmosphere.

Long-lasting Beauty and Fragrance:

  • French lavender is renowned for its exceptionally fragrant blooms. These dried lavender bundles retain their beautiful aroma for extended periods, offering a touch of tranquility and Provence throughout the year.
  • Ranging from 14 to 20 inches in height, our bouquets present a versatile display option. Arrange them on their own for a simple yet elegant touch, or incorporate them into larger floral arrangements for a more elaborate look.

Beyond Beauty: A Multitude of Uses

  • The dried lavender flowers are perfect for a variety of purposes beyond aesthetics. Create fragrant sachets to freshen drawers and closets, incorporate them into potpourri for a long-lasting room freshener, or utilize them in various craft projects.
  • French lavender is also a popular choice for wedding decor, adding a touch of rustic charm and provence flair to your special day.

Effortless Maintenance and Enjoyment:

  • Unlike fresh flowers, dried lavender requires minimal maintenance. No watering or pruning is necessary – simply enjoy the lasting beauty and fragrance!

Please note: Our dried lavender is not edible.

Indulge in the timeless elegance and captivating fragrance of French lavender. Order your Dried French Lavender Bouquet today!

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