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Darby Riser Large


Inject a touch of natural elegance into your home decor with the Darby Riser Large. This handcrafted riser, made from beautiful turned mango wood, offers both function and style.

Light and Airy Aesthetic:

  • The Darby Riser Large features a light, milky wash finish that exudes a breezy and natural aesthetic.
  • This finish complements a variety of design styles, from modern farmhouse to classic chic.

Elevate and Showcase:

  • Use the Darby Riser Large to elevate and showcase your favorite decorative items.
  • Place it on your kitchen island to raise a cake stand or display a decorative vase.
  • In the family room, use it to add depth and dimension to a bookshelf or display framed photos.

Crafted with Care:

  • The Darby Riser Large is made from solid mango wood, ensuring long-lasting durability and a unique, natural look.

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