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Dahlias: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Showcasing Breathtaking Blooms (Hardcover) by Naomi Slade


Unleash the dazzling beauty of dahlias in your home garden with Dahlias: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Showcasing Breathtaking Blooms. This stunning hardcover book by Naomi Slade delves deep into the world of these versatile and captivating flowers, providing you with all the knowledge you need to cultivate a vibrant and flourishing display.

Bloom All Season Long:

  • Extensive Flower Guide: Discover a dazzling array of dahlia varieties, from beloved classics like Café au Lait to captivating lesser-known finds like Voodoo and Honka.
  • Expert Cultivation Techniques: Master the art of growing dahlias, with in-depth guides on planting, care, and overwintering, ensuring success even in colder climates.
  • Cutting Garden Companion: Learn how to harvest and arrange stunning dahlia blooms for dazzling indoor displays that will last for weeks.

More Than Just a Pretty Flower:

  • Unearth a Rich History: Explore the fascinating history of dahlias, tracing their journey from their Aztec origins to their current status as garden favorites.
  • Capture Their Brilliance: Find tips on photographing your dahlia blooms in all their glory, creating stunning keepsakes and shareable content.
  • Varieties for Every Vision: Whether you prefer petite pompoms, dramatic dinner plate blooms, or unique daisy and sea anemone-like varieties, this book offers the perfect options to bring your garden dreams to life.

A Visual Celebration:

  • Hardcover Beauty: Immerse yourself in 240 pages of captivating photography and informative text, designed to inspire and guide you on your dahlia growing journey.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge from a renowned dahlia expert, ensuring your flowers thrive throughout the season.

Dahlias: A Comprehensive Guide to Growing and Showcasing Breathtaking Blooms is your one-stop resource for cultivating these mesmerizing flowers. It’s a must-have for any gardening enthusiast seeking to add a touch of drama and endless color to their outdoor space.

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