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All Hat, No Cattle: City Slicker Style with a Western Soul (Unisex T-Shirt)


Channel your inner L.A. cowboy (or cowgirl!) with the All Hat, No Cattle T-Shirt! This ultra-soft unisex tee combines classic Western imagery with a modern twist, perfect for those who love the look but maybe not the lifestyle.

More than just a graphic tee:

  • Crafted from a comfy 60% cotton, 40% poly blend, this tee is built for all-day wear, whether you’re cruising the streets of L.A. or venturing further afield.
  • “Dreamed Up in Texas,” this design features a vintage aesthetic with a playful message. It’s a tongue-in-cheek nod to the image of the cowboy, reimagined for the modern world.
  • The soft touch screen print ensures a high-quality, long-lasting design.
  • For an extra touch of fun, the inside label features a screen-printed message, adding to the playful vibe.

Who’s the perfect fit for this tee?

  • Fans of Western fashion with a modern twist
  • Anyone who appreciates a comfy and stylish graphic tee
  • City dwellers who rock a unique sense of style, inspired by the West

So ditch the expectations, embrace your inner city slicker with a Western soul, and grab the All Hat, No Cattle T-Shirt today!