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Leone Original Candy Anise Flavor: A Taste of Tradition


Indulge in a taste of history with Leone Original Candy Anise Flavor! As Leone’s Candy Originals, these delectable morsels are the company’s longest-standing and most distinctive candy.

Crafted with a careful selection of essences, extracts, and herbs, each candy boasts a burst of anise flavor. The pleasant pastel shades, achieved using natural ingredients, are as delightful to the eye as the candy is to the palate.

Key Features:

  • Anise Flavor – A Classic Candy Experience
  • Leone’s Oldest and Most Distinctive Candy
  • Made with Natural Ingredients for Authentic Flavor and Color
  • Available in a Beautiful 1.5oz Tin

Ingredients: Sugar, Arabic gum, tragacanth, essential oil of anise, and natural flavors.

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