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Empowering Girls! Mean Girls Inspired Feminist Card


Channel your inner Regina George and fight for equality with this empowering feminist greeting card. The playful message “Get in loser, we’re smashing the patriarchy” reimagines a classic Mean Girls quote with a feminist twist.

A Pop Culture Take on Feminism:

  • Celebrate girl power and women’s empowerment with a pop culture reference that resonates with fans of Mean Girls.
  • The humorous approach makes a serious message more approachable and fun.

Luxurious Letterpress Printing:

  • Hand-printed in Columbus, Ohio, USA using the traditional letterpress technique for a unique and timeless feel.
  • Crisp and beautiful impression adds a touch of elegance.

Perfect for Any Occasion:

  • Birthdays, graduations, or just to show your support for a fellow feminist.
  • A versatile card that injects humor and empowerment into any message.

Designed by Meghan Hopkins Sokorai:

  • Features the creative talents of artist Meghan Hopkins Sokorai.

This Empowering Girls Card is perfect for:

  • Feminist friends and allies
  • Fans of Mean Girls
  • Anyone who appreciates pop culture references with a feminist message
  • Sending a funny and empowering card for any occasion

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